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2 Months and counting: How I’m Letting My Hair Go Gray

hair go grey

I’m just two months into my hair transition to going gray and I’m already loving it!

Why I’ve decided to let my hair go gray.

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d let my hair go gray . For years, I’ve been dyeing it every 6-8 weeks to cover up the roots. But lately, I’ve been feeling like it’s time for a change.

So, why have I decided to let my hair go gray? Well, there are a few reasons. First of all, it’s a lot of work to keep up with the dyeing. It’s time-consuming and can be expensive. Secondly, I’m tired of the upkeep. It feels like a never-ending cycle of dyeing and re-dyeing.

And lastly, I want to embrace my natural hair color and all that comes with age.


The beginning: Letting Go Of the Dye. 

It all started with a single gray hair. I remember finding it while styling my hair one day and feeling a mixture of shock, horror, and fascination. I had always thought of myself as a woman with dark, brown hair. But there it was – stark evidence that I was getting older.

I toyed with the idea of dyeing my hair to cover up the gray. But something stopped me. Maybe it was the hassle and expense of having to keep up with the color. Or maybe it was the thought of the constant root touch-ups. Whatever the reason, I decided to let my hair go natural – to embrace the gray.

It wasn’t easy at first. I felt self-conscious and exposed without my usual “ armor” of hennaed dyed hair. But over time, I know that eventually, I will love my new look.

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hair go grey
Why you should let your hair go gray

The Transition: The process of letting my hair go gray.

Two months ago, I made the decision to let my hair go gray. It was a decision that I had been thinking about for a while but wasn’t sure if I was ready to take the plunge. After doing some research and talking to friends who had gone through the process, I decided it was something I wanted to do.

The journey hasn’t been easy. There have been days where I’ve questioned my decision and felt like maybe I should just go back to dyeing my hair. But then I remember how good it feels to be embracing my natural self and how much happier I am with myself now.

It’s been a long two months, but seeing my hair gradually turn from brown to grey has been so rewarding. Every time I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I feel proud of myself for making this decision.

How to transition to gray hair?

The challenges: Growing out my dyed hair. 

It started with a few silver strands at my temples. I ignored them at first, pretending they weren’t there. But they kept coming, until one day I realized that my once dark brown hair was now peppered with more gray than brown. I panicked. I didn’t want to be one of those women who dyed her hair just to endure more stress in her life all for the purpose of holding on to youth. Youth has more to do with how well you take care of yourself, not your hair color. 

I wanted to embrace my new reality and let my hair grow naturally. But it wasn’t going to be easy.

The first few weeks were the hardest. Every time I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I cringed. The contrast between my graying roots and brown ends was stark and unflattering. I felt like an old woman masquerading as a young one.

But then something strange happened. I am beginning to see a change in the way my hair looks and feel, especially at the roots of my hair. My hair is much softer than it was 2 months ago.  I also don’t have to deep condition frequently as I did in the past. 

I am so happy to finally let my hair go gray.

The liberation: Why I feel better now that I’ve embraced my grey hair.

Grey hair is just another hair color. I believe it will add character to my hair or a different look. or It took me two long months of contemplation, but I finally did it: I embraced my grey hair. And you know what? I feel fantastic.

For years, I’d been dyeing my hair to hide the signs of aging. But as I approach age 50th, I realized that I was only fooling myself. My grey hair is a natural part of who I am, and there’s no reason to be ashamed of it.

Now, instead of spending hours applying henna and indigo to my hair every few weeks, I can spend that time doing things that make me happy. And I don’t have to worry about my roots showing anymore.

If you’re thinking about letting your hair go gray, do it! You won’t regret it.

Going grey has changed me for the better by eliminating the need to cover my greys with hair dye. 

“I Finally Embraced My Gray Hair—And It Changed My Life”

hair go grey
Why you should let your hair go grey

How going grey has changed me for the better.

It was only two months ago when I made the decision to let my hair go gray. At first, I was apprehensive about what others might think or say. But, I decided that I wasn’t going to let anyone else’s opinion dictate how I felt about myself. And, so far, it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Going gray has given me a newfound confidence that I didn’t have before. It’s like I’ve been given permission to finally be myself – to embrace all that comes with natural beauty. And, you know what? It feels pretty darn good.

So, if you’re thinking about making the switch to gray hair, just know that it might just be the best decision you ever make. Trust me, it is changing my life for the better and I know it can do the same for you.

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